Thursday, September 10, 2009

Proud! Produced & directed "Having Fun, Seriously", was a great success!

mmm... it's really been a while that I haven't updated this blog, it's abt time to catch up with some updates after all the hectic months!

May-Aug 09:
Very grateful to be invited by Hong Kong LCSD in presenting some choreographies by Cody. Being both the Producer & Director for the performance "Having Fun, Seriously."(4 shows), it has been tough since multitasking between everything at the backend like budgeting, marketing, production, costumes, coordinating... to the front directing dancers in terms of performance quality & lots of counselling to prepare them getting into the right characters, plus the endless hours reviewing videos with Cody and discussing creative directions of each choreography etc etc etc... been tough but well
worth it. It was great to get so much interests from the press as well- far beyond LCSD's expectations! (bet they haven't expected such high audience occupancy as well- 90% if we need an average here!) If you want to know more abt the show, the press & th
e group, visit , and here you go with our trailor edited by myself (the actual show video will be ready soon) .

Now, the standard of our Group is set high, even more challenging for the next coming one in December,

the ever changing game
Dec 12-13, 09
Black Box Theatre
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

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