Friday, May 30, 2008

More abt Ada Ooi & her Belly Dance Classes (starts Jun 08)

---------Belly Dance Workshop Jun 08, Every Sat

HK Venue 2:30-3:30pm 20/F richmond plaza 496 jaffe rd causeway bay
KLN Venue 7:30-8:30pm Roof/F prince edward commerical mansion150-152 prince edward rd west mong kok

$1,440 for 8 lessons / $200 drop-in

Pls email to confirm a place , mobile: +852 9102 9517

Ada has over 10 yrs of belly dance performing experience in the UK & Hong Kong. Well-known for her authentic improvisation skill into both classical and new age interpretations, she is invited to perform at numerous stage shows, cabarets & festivals. Recent ones in the UK include the Trafalgar Festival, Dublin Fringe Festival, Premiere for National Geographic, functions for the Conservative Party, the London Mayor and regular appearances at restaurants & clubs like Ayoush, GoGoush, Maison Touaregue, Momo Lounge in London.

She has learnt Classical Egyptian to Tribal Fusion style from masters including Hossam & Serena Ramzy, Yasmina Ramzy, Asmahan, Tamalyn Dallel and Susan Frankovich etc. Her rich background of Jazz and other Asian ethnic dances from Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines have also enriched her movement vocabularies .

Ada's passion in cultural issues have also led her to be the Researcher & Presenter for an RTHK Documentary about the lost song & dance in Chinese minorities.

Ada is experienced in teaching to all ages. She's well-loved by students for her anatomic approach with movements and emphasis in the therapeutic effect of belly dancing to a woman's body & soul. She insists in keeping classes organised by herself small and intimate to give sufficient attention to individuals.

"Ada is so good to work with, she's very versatile, very sensitive to music and always come up with surprising interpretation spontaneously." Ceyan, Dj: Turkish, Arabic, Latin, Asian, Greek Plus Live Darbuka Drums

"Ada's show is always engaging and well-loved! Always on demand!" Youseff, Manager, Momo Lounge

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